I know that NABCA sometimes conducts surveys of satellite campus stakeholders. How can I access the survey results for myself or my own research?


NABCA Data Sharing Policy Statement

The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators Research Committee has developed and disseminated surveys in the past to Administrators (whether NABCA members or not) in effort to better understand the needs, challenges, and best practices as they relate to Branch Campuses.

In 2013, the Research Committee began an effort to create a reliable sampling frame of Branch Campuses to increase the reliability of future survey findings.

In Fall of 2015 the Committee began to formulate a new and improved survey and collected data the following spring (2016).

Good research practices apply to the collection of these datasets including confidentiality, anonymity, right to refuse participation, and other benchmarks of good survey research practice.

When data are collected, the Research Committee reserves the opportunity of first access to the data for analysis, presentation, and publication purposes. This applies to existing and future datasets.

When the Committee has completed all projects related to Committee member interests, the data shall be made available to the NABCA membership through Member Access login. This shall occur within one year from the close of data collection. Only NABCA members are permitted to access data for the purpose of analysis, presentation, and publication.

All identifiers such as names and name of institution, etc. will be removed before the data are shared.

Others using the data will provide copies of resulting papers and findings to the Research Committee prior to general dissemination of the findings.

All products will list the NABCA Research Committee as providing access to the data on a case-by-case basis with the contact information of the Chair of the Committee listed on the report.

Authors who utilize survey data shall cite NABCA as follows: National Association of Branch Campus Administrators. The Association for National and International Satellite Campus Stakeholders.



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