What does NABCA do with my contact or Membership information?

When you subscribe to the NABCA Contact List, as a Member or Subscriber, you indicate the level of "sharing" you are comfortable with on the application form.  If you elect not to share your information with non-Members, we scrub your information before providing a list to Sponsors, Affiliations, or Individuals.  If you subscribe as a NABCA Member, your information is included in the Membership Directory and is accessible only to other NABCA Members through Member Access on the Website. You can change your designation at any time (http://www.nabca.net/applicationsubscribe.html

Requests for access to the NABCA Membership Directory are only granted to Current Members and Sponsors, unless we specifically have your permission to do otherwise.

If you have a specific question or situation regarding how your information is shared, contact NABCA (NABCA@nabca.net). 


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