Research is a critical component of service to NABCA members.  The NABCA Research Committee continues to identify common and unique facets of branch, regional, and satellite campus administration.


The NABCA Research Committee is responsible for scholarly activities related to branch, regional, and satellite campuses.  The committee monitors the research forum, identifies research articles and bibliography materials, and oversees all official research publications for NABCA Member use. The Committee welcomes inquiries from NABCA Members and others who are planning branch campus related projects.  If you would like to invite Members to pre-test your survey or interview questions, complete an Online survey, or volunteer to be interviewed, we encourage you to send your request to NABCA.


If you have completed a branch, regional, or satellite campus related dissertation or published a relevant journal article, please share the citation with NABCA to be considered for inclusion in the NABCA Research Bibliography (available to Members only).


Access: The Journal of the National Association of Branch Campus Administrators is an Online publication of the NABCA Research Committee.  To get more information, Click Here.


**Call for Papers**

The Access Journal is currently seeking article submissions for publication in the next issue of the Access Journal coming in October, 2017.  Submissions can be on a variety of topics or subject matter affecting Branch or Satellite Campuses.  Have you recently presented on a topic?  Turn it into an article for publication.  We want to hear from “YOU”, our leaders in Branch/Satellite Campus Administration. Possible topics include: enrollment, student services, community relations, faculty development, academic programs, campus administration, technology, and campus safety. Submissions for review are due no later than August 31st.  Get more information about the submission process.



Announcing the Branch Campus Enrollment Trends & Marketing Practices Survey!

Designed to evaluate the current state of enrollment trends and marketing practices at branch campuses throughout the United States. The survey consists of 10 multiple choice questions and 4 open-ended questions. At the end, you will also be asked to answer 6 multiple choice questions in order to provide institutional descriptor data.  The survey is completely anonymous, and there is no way for your identity to be associated with your responses.


Results will be used to publish an article in the upcoming issue of the NABCA Journal in order to provide branch campus and institutional leaders with a greater understanding of the trends, best practices, challenges, and opportunities that exist for branch campuses in the areas of enrollment and marketing.       Take the Survey Today!



Under the inaugural leadership of Dr. Phyllis Bebko of Florida Atlantic University Broward Campuses in 2008, the NABCA Research Committee began to identify aspects and characteristics of off-site locations as well as administrators and the populations they serve.  NABCA is pleased to share the results of this ongoing research with permission from Metropolitan Universities.  Click Here for the 2011 Issue of Metropolitan Branch Campuses


Other ongoing Research Results are available for current NABCA Members.


NABCA Members in good standing participate on Committees.

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