NABCA Book Club 2023

Join us for our Spring 2023 Book Club during which we'll work through Charlie Bird's "Out on a Limb". Register HERE to reserve your spot!
Book available at Amazon.

Branch and regional campuses are an essential part of the higher education landscape, yet anyone seeking information on best practices or emerging ideas in the field will find few resources that can help. Now, after more than 35 years as a branch campus faculty member, administrator, and consultant, Dr. Charles Bird offers lessons from his experience to support those who are committed to expanding opportunities for place-bound students and others who prefer to attend a local branch campus rather than relocating, commuting, or enrolling in a fully online program.

Whether you are relatively new to branch campuses or have been around for a long time, this engaging and informal presentation will surely offer encouragement, a few challenges to inside-the-box thinking, and examples of both successful and unsuccessful branch practices. If you recognize the potential for enrollment growth at your own branch campuses, or if you happen to be considering the establishment of a new campus, Out on a Limb is a book you will want to keep handy and refer to often.