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Individual Membership
Who can be a member of NABCA?

NABCA members include professionals from any institution that has multiple campus locations. Members may work at or serve a main campus, satellite center, branch campus, or any other campus separate from the parent or residential campus.

Another NABCA member has retired from the college. Can we transfer the membership to someone else?
Yes, one time during the membership year you many transfer membership to another qualified person. Simply provide the current and replacement Member information to NABCA . We will provide instructions to the replacement Member.

Are my NABCA membership dues tax-deductible?
NABCA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for US federal income tax purposes; however, as a 501(c)6, your NABCA dues should be deductible as a business expense. 

What happens if I move from my Institution to another one?
Unless it is against your institution policy, even if your organization pays for your individual membership, you hold the membership --even if you leave the organization, unless you choose to transfer the membership to someone else at the institution.

I recently joined NABCA--when will I begin to receive information and materials such as my website Member Login and informational email?
You should begin to receive information via email as soon as your membership is paid. Your Member Portal login information should be in your email immediately. (please allow additional time for payments by check).

If several administrators on my campus or at my institution are members, can we be billed at one time for all of our memberships?
Yes, use the online payment option to add all of the payments to the shopping cart

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year? Do I pay the full amount of dues for the first year, or a prorated amount?
Your membership term is for one year beginning on the day you join. Therefore, the full amount is due to join, we do not offer prorated payments. Membership is included in the annual conference registration for Individual and Retiree Registrations and will expire two years from the date of new member payment.

I've left my current position and will begin work at another university. Can I keep my membership?
Your individual NABCA membership follows you as long as you work for a higher education institution as well as for one year beyond. When you begin your new position, please provide your updated contact information in your Member Profile.

May I pay for two years of membership dues at a time?
Yes, simply note that you are paying dues in advance and change the quantity to 2 when you check out or indicate that your membership payment is for 2-years if paying by check or requesting an Invoice.

What does NABCA do with my contact or Membership information?
When you subscribe to the NABCA Contact List, as a Member or Subscriber, you indicate the level of "sharing" you are comfortable with on the application form.  If you elect not to share your information with non-Members, we scrub your information before providing a list to Partners, Affiliations, or Non-Member Individuals. If you subscribe as a NABCA Member, your information is included in the Membership Directory and is accessible only to other NABCA Members. You can change your designation at any time.

When I join NABCA, am I automatically enrolled in my state or regional association of branch campus administrators (or vice versa)?
No, joining NABCA does not make you a member of other regional or state associations of branch campus administrators.


Academic Institution Memberships
Do you offer a special membership rate if several administrators from the same college or university want to join?

Yes. NABCA Currently offers two Academic Institution level Memberships. The first level, Academic Members 1 - 5, includes up to five individuals from the same institution; the second level, Academic Institution 6 - 10, includes up to ten individuals. The individuals do not need to be at the same location, just from the same institution.

Does my organization join NABCA, or do I join as an individual?
Membership in NABCA is available for individuals and for Academic Institutions. NABCA Currently offers two Academic Institution level Memberships. The first is for up to five individuals from the same institution; the second level includes up to ten individuals. The individuals do not need to be at the same location, just from the same institution.


Jobs Board
I am a NABCA member and am currently in between jobs. I am looking for another job in branch campus administration. Do you offer assistance for members in this situation?
Job searches can be a trying and frustrating experience. NABCA is here for you in situations like this. Please login to the Member Portal for up to date and relevant job posting and announcements. Also, check the listing of Search Agents. Both can be found on the “Job Board” a menu item in the Member Portal. Finally, if you are interested in a particular location or institution, contact fellow NABCA Members in the area or at the institution directly using the Member Directory. You can also update your contact information in the Member Directory.

Survey Results
I know that NABCA sometimes conducts surveys of satellite campus stakeholders. How can I access the survey results for myself or my own research?

The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators, Research Committee has developed and disseminated surveys in the past to Administrators (whether NABCA members or not) in effort to better understand the needs, challenges, and best practices as they relate to Branch Campuses. When data are collected, the Research Committee reserves the opportunity of first access to the data for analysis, presentation, and publication purposes. When the Committee has completed all projects related to Committee member interests, the data shall be made available to the NABCA membership through the Member Portal. This typically occurs within one year from the close of data collection. Research results are also shared by the Research Committee at the Annual Conference. Only NABCA members are permitted to access data for the purpose of analysis, presentation, and publication. Additional information regarding survey and other research results can be found in the Member Portal.


Innovation Awards
Who is eligible to apply for the NABCA Innovation Awards?
Any Individual or Academic Institution NABCA Member that has implemented an Innovation in programs, services or initiatives that strengthen the value of branch campus (satellite, region, center, etc.) administration to its members, institution or community.

What are the criteria for the NABCA Innovation Awards?
A panel of judges from among NABCA organization Board Members will evaluate the applications. They will assess:

  • Novelty of idea
  • Fulfills a specific need
  • Documented outcomes
  • Adds to the knowledge base about branch campus practices

When are the application deadlines and winner notifications for the NABCA Innovation Awards?
The application deadline for the Innovation Award is February 1 of each award year. Check the NABCA website for the most current information and announcements concerning the Innovation Award schedule for the current year. 


Annual Conference
If I register for the Annual Conference, do I still need to pay membership dues to remain active as a NABCA Member?

Membership is not included as part of your Conference Registration and dues (either at the Individual or Academic Member level) are paid separately. Existing NABCA members receive a discount on Conference Registration.

If I register for the Annual Conference, then cannot attend, do I receive a refund?
Conference Registration is non-refundable; however, it is transferable to another administrator or other qualified person. Simply provide the updated contact information to NABCA by completing the Registration application online, and send us an email that it is a transfer of Registration, and provide the name of the former conference attendee.


Executive Committee
Who is On the Executive Committee, How Do They Get There, and What Do They Do?

The Executive Committee is comprised of Members who have been in good standing for at least two years. Members take office as outlined in NABCA By-laws and may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee. Members meet monthly by video conference and at Annual Conference. The Executive Committee Members establish committees, task forces, or advisory groups; and implement and update operating procedures.

Officers include the President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary/Treasurer and Director of Operations. Directors include Annual Conference Chair, Membership Committee Chair, and Research Committee Chair.. The Committee is responsible for conducting all business, strategic planning implementation, and operations.