The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators (NABCA) is a professional organization committed to supporting the mission and goals of higher education professionals who work at a location that is separate from their parent/main campus, often called “branch” “satellite” “region” or “center.” As an association, NABCA is committed to providing a setting for the improvement of leadership, teaching, and research for branch and regional administrators, staff and faculty in higher education and to advocate for and accelerate the growth of their locations. Our Members work on higher education locations that range from centers with a population of 50 students to larger campus communities with 15,000 students, but the challenges they face are the same: from implementing academic programs, campus safety, and maintenance to student success initiatives and commencement celebrations. As an association, we equip public & private, national & international, 2-year & 4-year, and other higher education partners with the tools and resources they need to support the parent campus, students, and communities they serve.

In an effort to provide an accurate record of the organization, in 2017 the Executive Committee commissioned the development of a comprehensive history. The NABCA history includes past officers, annual conference information, and key organizational activities. The History of the association can be found HERE.

Executive Committee

NABCA is governed by an Executive Committee elected from among the membership. Members of the Executive Committee must be NABCA members in good standing for at least two years before election or appointment. The Committee is responsible for conducting all business, strategic planning implementation, and operations during the fiscal year.


Only NABCA Members in good standing are eligible to participate on standing committees. Most Standing Committees meet on a monthly basis using videoconferencing technology. Additional information about NABCA Committee meeting times and contact information for Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs is available HERE.

Mission, Vision, Purpose

The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators is committed to providing resources for the improvement of leadership, teaching, and research.

The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators strives to be an internationally recognized professional association of branch, regional, center, and satellite location administrators and stakeholders.

The National Association of Branch Campus Administrators supports remote location administrators and stakeholders in domestic and international higher education by:

  • Providing a place or medium where interests, ideas, and views of our Members can be exchanged and
  • Providing value for our Members through professional development, research, networking, support, and advocacy.

Code of Conduct

Providing an inclusive and equitable environment for all stakeholders (LINK to form; LINK to policy)