Professional Development Webinars


The NABCA Membership Committee schedules and coordinates professional development webinars geared toward bringing the expertise of other professionals in higher education and specifically those with remote location experience for the benefit of our Members. Typically offered twice during the year, Webinar topics include student services, trends in higher education, town and gown relationships and more.

NABCA Membership Chair,
Dr. Walter Collins

Campus Dean/CEO

University of South Carolina Palmetto College - Lancaster

Previous Webinars

  • A Conversation with Dr. Charlie Bird, Author of Out on a Limb

  • Breaking the Three Constraints on Fundraising Growth at Regional Campuses                                         Dr. Fleming Puckett, Senior Director, Research Advisory Services - EAB

  • IRB and Research ARE Your Friends!

                   Dr. Laura Bennett & Dr. Tasha Toy, Utah Tech University

  • An Overview of the Commitment of WIU to Community Engagement

                   Dr. Chris Merrett, Professor and Director of Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs,                                              Western Illinois University         

  • Strategic Planning: Adapting during the COVID and Post-COVID Era

                   Jamina Scippio-McFadden, Our Lady of the Lake Houston

  • High Impact Practices for Branch Campuses          

                   Dr. Debbie Kepple-Mamros, Western Illinois University

  • Policies and Initiatives in Higher Education 

                     Ed Johnson, Brookdale Community College Long Branch

  • How Do University and Municipal Leaders View Town & Gown Relationships

                     Stephen Gavazzi, The Ohio State University Mansfield
                     William Bill Wilan, Ohio University

  • Student Services at Off-Campus Locations

                      Nikki Measor, Eastern Washington University Spokane
                      Laura Dimino, Temple University Harrisburg

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